Court's Building


The Picture of Taiwan Yilan District CourtThe design concept of this building aims to integrate the traditional Chinese philosophy of life, "square internally and round externally", which is an embodiment of Chinese culture and fortitude , to ascerta in the goals of merging the harmonization and fulfillment of the court. On the one hand, a slightly curved external front of the main building incorporated with soft and warm colors, present a sign of amiability of the court. On the other hand, the symmetry twin towers of the main building symbolize fairness, dignity and justice of the Judicature. Various departments are being housed on the first floor of the main building, such as Joint Service Center, Civil Execution Department and Public Notary Office etc., which provides people with fast and friendly services. The second floor housed the civil and criminal courtrooms; each entity also has its own lounge, to facilitate as a discussion room or as a recreation room for the prosecutors, attorneys and litigants. The rest of administrative offices are located on the third floor. The President, Division-Chief Judge and Judges Offices are on the fourth floor. Lastly, the courthouse also housed various functional facilities such as an excellent Library, a large Conference Room and a Guest Room for research, conference and meeting respectively.