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Taiwan Yilan District Court


Public Arts


The artworks displayed publicly in Taiwan Yilan District Court can be categorized into three themes, "Bamboo, Rain and Lotus", which are three important culture symbols of China. The curator attempts to deliver the spirit of returning nature and to provide a space of humanity thoughts, where the visitors are able to escape from the moral dilemmas. In aim of obscure the personal styles, the artists simply use the objects such as plants, floating water and the unique feature (rain) of Lanyang Plain and immerse them with the surrounding environment, to create a tranquil ambiance for the exhausted people who are worried about the annoying suits.Furthermore,the spirit of "ethics outside (bamboo) and peace inside ( lotus )" has captured the essence of "square internally and round externally". 


  • Release Date:2021-05-01
  • Update:2021-06-23