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Taiwan Yilan District Court


Trial & Civil Execution


Civil Execution Department

Taiwan Yilan District Court has civil, criminal divisions and Yilan, Luodong summary divisions. It also establishes specialized divisions to handle cases involving juveniles, family, traffic, and labor matters as well as motions to set aside rulings on violations of the Statute for the Maintenance of Social Order. Each division has a Division Chief Judge who supervises and assigns the business of the division. Additionally, Taiwan Yilan District Court has a Civil Execution Department, a Public Defender's Office and a Probation Officer's Office.

Civil Court Division— 

A single judge hears and decides cases in ordinary and summary proceedings as well as in small claims cases. A panel of three judges decides cases of great [The Picture of Criminal Court Room] importance in ordinary proceedings as wellas appeals or interlocutory appeals from the summary and small claims proceedings. 

Criminal Court Division—

Criminal cases are decided by a panel of three judges,except summary proceedings can be held by a single judge.

Criminal Court Room

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