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Taiwan Yilan District Court


Court Services


[The Picture of Joint Service Center] Tirelessly devoted, the Judicial Yuan has committed to the process of reformation, where every effort is being employed, to promote the quality judicature and judicial affection. In particular, to accomplish the ideology of "Justice for the people" , each court has put the emphases on convenient services where various steps have been put into place to propel this.Taiwan Yilan District Court started the Joint Service Center on 2nd day of July 1999, where every service window is multi-functional and is capable to assist the public in every aspect of legal procedures. The petition receiving and fee collecting are fast and easy. Legal Service Section provides the consulting services and assistance about the proceedings of litigation and non-litigation cases. The Court is also equipped with an electronically dynamic inquiry machine for the public to inquire and read data regarding cases on trial, court calendars and court-decision announcements – all those convenient and modern services at just one touch of the computer. 

  • Release Date:2021-05-01
  • Update:2021-05-01