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Taiwan Yilan District Court





President -> 1.Administration 2.Non-Contentious Matters 3.Trial&Civil Execution

Administration -> 1. Information Management Office 2.Civil Service Ethics Office 3.Statistics Office 4.Accounting Office 5. Personnel Office 6.Chief Clerk Office

Non-Contentious Matters ->1.Center for Non-Contentious Matters 2.Registry Office 3.Public Lodgment Office 4.Notary Public Office

Trial & Civil Execution -> 1.Public Defender Office 2. Civil Execution Department 3.Juvenile Division 4.Domestic Division 5. Labor Matters Division 6.Traffic Division 7.Criminal Division 8.Civil Division 9. Yilan Summary Division 10. Luodong Summary Division

Chief Clerk Office -> 1. Court Police Office 2. Research and Evaluation Section 3. Documentation Section 4. Legal Service Section 4. General Affairs Section 5. Civil Execution Recording Section 6. Juvenile Recording Section 7. Domestic Recording Section 8. Criminal Recording Section 9. Civil Recording Section

Documentation Section->1.Mail Room 2.Archives 3.Library 4.Seal Imprinting Room

General Affairs Section -> 1.Fee-Collection Counter 2.Cashier Office 3.Stationery warehouse 4.Loot&Evidence Storage 5.Drivers Lounge

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  • Update:2021-05-01