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Taiwan Yilan District Court




Taiwan Yilan District Court has the jurisdiction over the cases of Yilan County which covers an area of approximately 2,137 square kilometers, composed of twelve towns, including Yilan City, Luodong, Toucheng, Su-ao, Jiaosi, Jhuangwei, Yuanshan, Dongshan, Sansing, Wujie, Nan-ao and Datong Townships. According to the statistic figures at the end of December in 2004 , its population is approximately 462,286. The new judicial building of Taiwan Yilan District Court is located at the county government center, covering an area of approximately 26,909 square meters, and the inner space is about 14,540 square meters. Because neighboring with Yilan County Government, Yilan County Council, and the central park, Taiwan Yilan District Court is not only surrounded by extended green meadow, beautiful environment, with perfect public facilities, but also develop a triangular balance of executive, legislative and judicial powersto guard the people on the Lanyang Plain.

  • Release Date:2021-05-01
  • Update:2021-05-01